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Robert Novak and Associates

RNAI is an independent and objective industrial engineering consulting firm that provides professional services to clients in military sewing products with specialized expertise in:

     Government solicitation preparation to include; materials evaluation, trim and packaging, bill of materials, labor analysis (cutting, sewing and packaging), personnel requirements and product costing (direct and indirect).

RNAI is also called upon by clients to examine and evaluate existing functions and processes within the client manufacturing facilities. RNAI is engaged to develop accurate and reliable baseline measures of performance, identify problem areas and opportunities for improvement, and to recommend, and integrate innovative, cost effective, and efficient alternative methods to improve client performance, utilize existing space and equipment, and reduce overall operating costs.

Assessment of Your Needs.

     Consulting for Military Products begins with an assessment of your needs.
     This includes an examination of your facility, machinery, and equipment, personnel, and management capability. We also look at the potential for growth and expansion.
     When this is completed, we will be prepared to make an evaluation of the type of products you should be looking at, and the size of any potential solicitation.

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