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Greater Pittston Chamber of Commerce


The Greater Pittston Chamber of Commerce was incorporated in June 1920.  It is a voluntary organization of commercial, industrial and professionals members who are united to work for the development and improvement of the Greater Pittston Area.

The strategic business planning of the Chamber is operated by its Board of Directors and Staff. They make the policy and set goals.  The main objectives are to promote development of growth, improve economic opportunities and remain dedicated to the future building of educational, environmental and recreational activities.

The Chamber has been responsible for obtaining financing from the Pennsylvania Industrial Development Authority for more than seventy businesses, which employ thousands of people in the area.

If you are dedicated and committed to see the Greater Pittston Area grow and prosper, we need to work together.

For over 80 years the Greater Pittston Chamber of Commerce has served as the organization through which business executives, professional people and other concerned citizens have united to provide leadership and direction for the economic and social development of the Greater Pittston Area.

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