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Partners in Art offers a unique approach to serious fundraising through art related special events. Together, Virginia C. Davis and Karen Evans Kaufer have over 33 years of experience in both professional and non-profit fundraising. We provide detailed packages that include instruction and guidance for you to successfully complete a fun-filled and profitable event. Our instructional packages are comprehensive, easy to follow and very affordable.

Monet’s Mistakes is a fun-filled and unique fundraising project that involves local community leaders (non artists) donating a small amount of their time to create “masterpieces” that will be auctioned at a gala event. Imagine your community leaders and local celebrities being asked to do something they have never done before…create a painting. It is amazing how willing people are to participate in this project.
Partners in Art will provide a comprehensive package of every detail necessary to successfully accomplish your special event within 6 to 9 months. Following our instructional package will eliminate many long hours of staff and committee time usually necessary in planning a fundraiser.
The package includes:

1. Committee and volunteer structure
2. Detailed notes for the chair
3. Time line/schedule
4. Monthly agendas
5. Suggestions and specific details for the gala event
6. All necessary paperwork including: letters, press releases, invitations, auction forms, artwork and logos (CD included)
7. Auction guidelines and recommendations


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