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Latona Chiropractic and Rehabilitation

Safe - Gentle - Effective RELIEF from your pain!

Latona Chiropractic and Rehabilitation is conveniently located across from the Pittston Plaza. We provide safe, gentle and effective relief from your pain, including lower back pain, headaches, neck pain, auto, sports, personal and work related injuries, muscle spasms, sciatica, whiplash, spinal disc problems, tight muscles and shoulder pain.

"Keeping up with today's busy lifestyles can result in pain. Whether at work, home or participating in sports, when you use muscles you haven't used in a while you can hurt! Don't suffer. Life is too short ot be experiencing pain...Get back to a healthy, pain-free life!"

Some of the treatments we apply include:
• Electric stimulation
• Ultra sound
• Spinal traction
• Massage therapy
• Thompson Drop Technique
• S.O.T. Sacral Occipital Technique
• Spinal Flexion along with Diversified Technique

Call my office today at:
to schedule an appointment. Same day service available and most insurance plans are accepted.

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