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Be Smart Don't Start Drugs is an encapsulation of decades of research and hard core experience.
God's ears, heart and arms are always open for you.
If you have developed a drug habit, seek help now. Local churches and organizations are out there for you.
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Be Smart Don't Start is the answer to:
Alcoholism - Don't Drink and Drive
Marijuana Addiction - BSDS Don't Smoke
Hard Drug Addiction - BSDS Drugs! Heroine! Dope!
Behavioral Problems - BSDS Unprotected Sex
Marijuana is the seemingly subtle addictive entrance drug that can be BIG TROUBLE. Marijuana contains toxic substances including tetrahydrocannabinol; which is classified as the drug "THC". At first the user is satisfied with the high but eventually reaches a plateau which can cause them to seek out stronger drugs.
Combination drug abuse is quite common. When one just doesn't "do it" for you anymore you can find yourself adding other substances for enhancement.
Drug abuse destroys peoples lives. It leads you into an unreal world. Separates you from reality where responsibility is void.
Crime, prison and death become the norm.
Poverty and drug abuse are synonymous. Depression and loneliness encompass so many abusers.
While prescription drugs are legal they can still be abused if in the wrong hands.
Even though these drugs are prescribed by a physician they must be used as directed and never shared.

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