496 Main St.
Edwardsville PA 18704
  Phone - 287-3602
Fax - 287-9723

  Monday, Tuesday & Thursday
12noon to 5pm
Friday & Saturday
12noon to 8pm
Closed Wednesday & Sunday

Anthracite Coin and Collectibles

Serving Area Collectors Since 1969!

Anthracite Coin and Collectibles has been in business in the Wyoming Valley for over 30 years. Anthracite Coin is located in Northeastern PA, in Edwardsville. It is owned and operated by George Walko, a collector himself!

We offer a wide variety of collectibles and collectible tools for the profiteers:
• Metal detectors
• Rare U.S. coins, stamps and currency
• Mint errors
• Licensed gold and silver redemption center
• Expert appraisal service, estates, insurance and inheritance
• Treasure hunting and gold prospecting supplies
• Native American artifacts
• Civil war relics
• Antiquities
• Various curiosities

For the collector, we also have:
• Vintage sports cards
• HOF autographs and memorabilia
• Price guides
• Collectors supplies (wholesale/retail)
• Starting lineups
• Hess trucks
• Vintage clocks/watches
• Rocks, minerals and fossils
• Meteorites and crystals
• Mining items and coal souvenirs
• Local handcrafts

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